Microsoft SharePoint is an online collaboration and document management platform. It facilitates information sharing within and outside an organisation.

MS SharePoint Consulting Service

We provide Sharepoint solutions to our customers by examining their existing MS SharePoint structure, determining their needs, establishing  the scope of support and by preparing the requirements.

Custom MS SharePoint Projects

We build custom solutions for Information Sharing, Document Management, Advanced Search, Business Data Catalog (BDC), Form and Excel Service requirements. The mobile-friendly front-end design and portal identity of our MS SharePoint sites are prepared by our digital agency ArnoBrasco.

We are implementing the MS SharePoint soluitons for the following business purposes:

  • Internet Sites
    We prepare websites for companies on MS SharePoint platform with current UI / UX design trends. Wth our websites, institutions can effectively manage their processes and workflows such as content management and document management
  • Intranet Portal Solutions
    With intranet portal projects, we provide solutions for central document library, corporate catalog and workflow management.
  • Extranet Portal Solutions
    It is a site structure that governs relationships with dealers or customers. With the extranet portal solutions, our customers are able to do demand management, campaign management, product catalog, order tracking and inventory tracking.
  • Document and Archive Management System
    With this system, companies can manage their document folder structure, content management, process management, document metadata structure, document archiving and search rules.
  • Workflows
    In MS SharePoint portal projects, we prepare the workflow processes with Nintex technologies. Caretta Software is Nintex Turkey business partner.
  • Project Sites
    This is the site structure for the employees that enables them to follow and work on the projects. The MS SharePoint Project Sites menu structure is as follows:
    Project summary section
    Project timeline
    Project task schedule
    Document library
    Document library archive
    Calendar application
  • Blog
    This is the personal or corporate collaboration area for employees to share ideas and information. With the blog structure we have prepared, users can write their comments, a free format field and mention their likes.


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