Pharmaceutical Production and Shipment System, manages the production and shipment processes of the Drug Tracking System. A barcode is ​​printed on each box. The shipment of the from the manufacturing to the final consumer is monitored and controlled through barcode. Turkey has been designated as the pilot country of the Global Drug Tracking System and is the first country to implement the system.

Pharmaceutical Production and Dispensing System is preferred by many major manufacturers to meet the following systemic and functional requirements:

  • ERP integration at order and invoice
  • Barcode integration with companies’ global systems
  • Supports different business models such as contractor production and joint marketing
  • Shipping module has touchscreen support and can be used on handheld devices
  • The database is designed and optimised to support data intensive operations

With this tool, Caretta has contributed to the development of the standards of the Drug tracking system in Turkey.

Technologies used

  • Database server: MS SQL Server
  • Synchronisation: SOAP WEB Services, MS SQL Server Merge Replication
  • Processor: Microsoft Windows Form, C#.Net, DevExpress
  • Reporting: MS SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Code producer: ApexSQL
  • İş sürekliliği: MS SQL Server Failover Cluster, MS SQL Mirroring
  • ERP Integration: WEB Services, RFC
  • Windows Services
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