MS Dynamics CRM is a web based Customer Relationship Management application where sales, marketing and customer service processes are managed effectively. MS Dynamics CRM projects are prepared with online and onpremise technologies after finalising the license agreements and detailed analysis carried out by our team.

We prepare MS Dynamics CRM projects according to the customer business requirements with the service methods below:

  • MS Dynamics CRM consultancy service
  • Special MS Dynamics CRM project service
  • MS Dynamics CRM design service
  • MS Dynamics CRM project team training

MS Dynamics CRM Consultancy service

We examine the existing CRM structure, determine needs, transfer knowledge to the project team and prepare the scope of support services.

We also provide MS Dynamics CRM training services to our clients’ project teams. We organize this training in line with the scope of our customer’s current CRM projects and team requirements.

Custom MS Dynamics CRM Projects

We offer a competitive structure in MS Dynamics CRM projects. We pay special attention to use codes at minimum level and utilise the built-in functionality of the MS Dynamics CRM.

Our MS Dynamics CRM projects are prepared with the below mentioned 3 modules.

  • Sales Module
    With MS Dynamics CRM sales module, we provide opportunity and customer management services. Companies can track the results of their sales strategies and reach critical customer data instantly.
  • Marketing Module
    With the MS Dynamics CRM platform marketing module, companies can have a structure for customer marketing activities. You can design smart campaigns with the marketing module and send the campaigns through e-mails and/or sms to customers via CRM portal. The reporting of the campaigns can be done on a daily, monthly, quarterly or on a yearly basis. We also offer campaign design support, mailing and sms sending services to our customers.
  • Service Module
    MS Dynamics CRM service module offers a customised service infrastructure.  You can define service levels and assign tasks to the service teams. The productivity levels of the groups defined in the MS Dynamics CRM system can be monitored real-time and all service processes can be managed centrally.

Moreover, customer requests, suggestions, complaints notification management is also performed with the CRM service module.


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