Caretta Bonus Scheme Management (CBSM) has  been developed specifically for pharmaceutical companies. It monitors field sales performance and calculates bonus entitlements of individuals and teams for fiscal periods.

Competition and market conditions are in constant change in the pharmaceutical sector. Performance measurement, which is central to sales and marketing, has to be adaptive and flexible as well. CBSM is designed to meet this dynamism. It is flexible with various options, equipped with alternative algorithms and reports for further analysis

CBSM system has the following advantages

  • It offers a flexible database management. 3 major pillars of performance measurement in pharmaceutical sector, namely Sales organisation, Product hierarchy and Bonus configuration are in separate modules.
  • CBSM has alternative bonus schemes that can be combined. Realised bonus, sales performance bonus and consistency bonus are the most common ones.
  • Main data management is performed on a monthly basis, which prevents any structural change from affecting previous periods.
  • There are weekly and monthly bonus reports for the sales team and the management. This enables visibility, effective sales team management and a quick decision process.
  • The simulation module helps the adoption and effectiveness of complicated bonus schemes by the sales team.
  • CBSM provides a precise bonus calculation, in a fast and error-free fashion. This will remove the tedious calculation process, improve accuracy, provide visibility based on user rights, and free-up staff capacity.

Technologies used

  • Database server: MS SQL Server
  • WEB application: ASP.NET WEB Forms, C#.Net, DevExpress, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery
  • ORM: EntityFramework
  • Logging: Log4.Net
  • Integration: SOAP WEB Services
  • IOS application (Simulation): Swift, SQLite
  • MS SQL Server Analysis Services
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