Medical Research Management is a patient follow-up application used by doctors to create medical research reports. We offer two different options, Internet-based and Windows-based.

Doctors can enter and navigate patient data according to their research needs. Patient reports from the Medical Research Management platform can easily be integrated into SPSS and analysed them through this program. Pharmaceutical companies can sponsor Medical Research Management and improve their relationship with doctors.

The benefits offered by Caretta Medical Research Management are below;

  • Caretta Medical Research Management provides time savings in clinical research, convenient data for clinical trials and report integration possibility.
  • Electronic patient data analysis and statistics results improve the research and treatment processes.
  • Data loss such as patient records and findings can be prevented through regular back-ups.

Kullanılan Teknolojiler 

  • Database: MS SQL Compact & MS SQL Server
  • Desktop application: Microsoft Windows Form, C#.Net, DevExpress
  • Coding: ApexSQL
  • WEB application: MVC, C#.Net, Dapper, DevExpress, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML,
  • ORM: EntityFramework
  • Logging: Log4.Net
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